Let’s Face It: A Fair Deal for ESL Instructors! #BuildingaBetterBrock


Broken U2

ESL Instructors (CUPE 4207 Unit 3) are negotiating to improve the following:

  • Job Equity: Currently there are three tiers of employment groups in Unit 3, yet they all do the same function and have the same contact hours with students.  If the university is to realize a uniformly excellent educational standard, they need to stop treating workers differently.
  • Educational Standards: Workers of Unit 3 are asking for improvements to the work environment to ensure the highest quality standards of education for the students of Brock University. The university’s prime goal for the next several years is increasing the number of international students on campus. Though international students are students they are not recognized as such by the university–therefore ensuring quality education is crucial to improve Brock’s reputation.
  • Security:  One aspect of protecting educational standards is to ensure that members of Unit 3, who are professionally trained to teach the English language, continue to be able to teach to the international students on campus. Parsing out groups of students to different faculty or departments diminishes the quality of education.

Updated Broken University Pamphlet

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