Chain Fast to End Canadian Government Racism

We at CUPE 4207 would like to share with our members an event happening from April 15th – June 18th, 2015. The purpose of this event is to speak back to the government’s racist policies and actions and to let them know that their actions are creating a culture of intolerance towards many Canadians.

The Chain Fast to End Canadian Government Racism is off and running, with participants from across the country. The fast was initiated in response to increasingly hostile, racist comments from government MPs, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as well as policies that very specifically target racialized communities (such as Bill C-51). It also acknowledges that such statements and policies are part of a long, horrible Canadian tradition of racism and colonialism. It runs until June 15 (the beginning of Ramadan).

How it works:

You can fast as per your tradition (some people refrain from eating sun-up to sun-down, others do it for 24 hours. Some people will drink water or other fluids, others not).

You can sign up for a day (or more) by emailing  with suggested dates, which will be publicly posted at the Homes not Bombs blog site (

Some dates still open:

– Tues May 12,
– Sat May 16
– Sun May 17
– Tues May 19
– Sat May 23
– Sun May 24
– Fri May 29
– Sat May 30
– Wed June 3
– Fri June 5
– Sat June 6
– Tues June 9
– Wed Jun 10
– Fri June 12
– Sat June 13
– Wed June 17