BUFA Message to Support an Open Brock in the Search for our Next President

To Brock’s Unions,

BUFA is asking for your support in our campaign to have an open search for Brock’s next President.

If Brock’s Presidents are chosen in secret, how can we expect them to be open and transparent when they are the President? A closed search sets the pattern for a closed Presidency.

In an open search, we would know the identity of the short-listed candidates, hear them give presentations, and be able to provide input into the decision. In a closed search, we would be kept in the dark until after the decision is made.

We believe that an open search is best for Brock for the following reasons:

  • the cumulative feedback from the Brock and Niagara communities will provide necessary information for the Advisory Committee on the Presidency to make its recommendation to the Board
  • it demonstrates and reinforces open and transparent decision-making, which is essential to collegial self-governance
  • it will attract candidates who value dialogue and interactions with the Brock and Niagara communities

We are a public institution, funded by the public through taxes and tuition, and serve the public good. Short-listed candidates should be invited to address and interact with the Brock and Niagara community.

We think an open search is in the best interests of Brock.  We would appreciate it if you could let your members know about this issue and our campaign.  If they wish, they can click here to indicate their support on our online petition.  BUFA will be providing more detailed information as our campaign for an “Open Brock U” continues.

We also would be happy to work together with other Brock’s other unions to achieve the goal of an open search.  

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


Linda Rose-Krasnor, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology
President, Brock University Faculty Association

Brock University

500 Glenridge Avenue
St. Catharines ON Canada  L2S 3A1