Dancers, artists and community members! JOIN US!

Dancing Earth is coming to Planet IndigenUs this August 2015 for a series of performance rituals in various sites, interwoven activities including seed/story exchanges, gathering harvest from community gardens to initiate potluck feasting, and other activations across arts and other disciplines.
We will be in residence at McMichael Canadian Art Collection, located in Kleinburg ON from July 31- Aug 4, 2015 and are inviting dancers/artists/inter-generational Native and non-Native community members to join morning creative sessions.
The ensuing dances or other artworks that emerge will be integrated into the McMichael’s site-immersive ritual on August 6th! Our current body of work explores water, seeds, plants and foods from inter-tribal perspectives, and we look forward to bringing our desert vision to the people of the lakes and trees, with gratitude!
If you have interest or know of someone who would be, please contact or
Also, stay tuned for a B-Boy cypher at the Harbourfront, Toronto, on August  7 or 8, 2015! Photos by Paulo T Photography for Dancing Earth
Here is a clip of an interview with Rulan about Dancing Earth.