Get your stats paid!

Our Local is challenging the employer with the grievance procedure for failing to pay Unit 1 members statutory holiday pay as outlined in the Employment Standards Act*.  Contract employees have the right to this pay.

The employer has been getting away with not paying statutory holidays for years.  It is my role as Chief Steward to address the violation of labour laws.  The complaint has been sent to the Labour Board seeking mediation.

Members who currently hold a contract and who feel entitled to stat holiday pay for May 23, please contact me if you are willing to participate in a group grievance.

A group grievance will send a clear message to the employer that members will not tolerate the breach of labour laws.


In Solidarity,

Brigitte Cecckin

4207 Chief Steward

*Public Holiday Pay

  1. (1)An employee’s public holiday pay for a given public holiday shall be equal to,

(a) the total amount of regular wages earned and vacation pay payable to the employee in the four work weeks before the work week in which the public holiday occurred, divided by 20; or

(b) if some other manner of calculation is prescribed, the amount determined using that manner of calculation.  2000, c. 41, s. 24 (1); 2002, c. 18, Sched. J, s. 3 (12).