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Bylaw amendments

BYLAW Amendments

7.13 Executive Stipends

(b) each steward shall be paid a stipend of $50 per month with the exception of the Unit 3 steward who shall receive a stipend of $250 per month.

19. Policies

(a) Policies may be created for the purpose of instructing elected members on the organizational practices of the local but remain subject to the bylaws of CUPE 4207 and the CUPE Constitution;

(b) Policies created by the Executive may be amended, removed, suspended, or added at Executive Committee Meetings or General Membership Meetings;

(c) Policies created by the General Membership may be amended, removed, suspended, or added at General Membership Meetings or Executive Committee Meetings;

(d) Policies of Committees of the Local may be created within the committees and used for their operations, but are subordinate to other polices;

(e) The threshold for amending, removing, suspending, or adding policies is a simple majority.

Article 19 Article 20: Enactment

These by-laws shall supercede any previous by-laws, and shall remain in effect until revisions are authorized by the National President of CUPE.

19.1 20.1 On October 27, 2011, these by-laws were presented to and adopted by the membership of the Local at a properly constituted membership meeting, and were submitted to the National President of the Union for approval.

19.2 20.2 Upon approval, these by-laws were enacted and replaced any previous by-laws.