CUPE 4207 shares both the indignation and concern of the Brock community following the news of the mutual cancellation of the new president’s contract, a situation that could have likely been avoided had the search involved feedback from the staff and students and their respective associations. The failure on the part of the Board of Trustees to structure an appropriately transparent process to both find and retain new leadership legitimately puts that body’s actions into question.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is the lack of interest in engaging with the Brock community following this failure, instead relying on its own solutions and deferring legitimate questions about the implications of its past decisions. The Board of Trustees has not yet released requested information regarding the financial costs of this failed appointment, it has ignored the request for an interim appointment of an academic as president by BUFA, and it has chosen to again rely on a third party consultant to determine the nature of the next presidential search process, which still includes the option of a closed search.

As the search committee is formed and begins their work to select a new president, we echo the concerns of others about having a closed search, and we demand that the Board change its stance and attitude regarding the presidential search process: be accountable for its mistakes by being transparent and allow the university community to be a part of selecting the next president by allowing us to participate in the search and selection processes. Public consultations by the committee, as well as public presentations by short-listed candidates with a feedback are necessary to find someone who will both fit well within the institution and have initial support from students, faculty, and staff.


CUPE 4207 Executive