Ratification of tentative deal

There will be two general membership meetings for Unit 1 members to vote on the tentative collective agreement reached in the early morning hours of March 3rd.

About the ratification process:

Once the terms of the newly negotiated agreement are singed by members of the negotiating teams, the document must be presented to the respective governing bodies for a vote. The employer will present the tentative deal for ratification to a Board of Trustees committee on March 9th. We will wait for the employer to conduct the ratification vote first, given our negative experience in 2012  when they intended to remove an article from the tentatively signed deal and ratify thus conditionally. This illegal move pushed Unit 3 to go on a 10-day strike to force the employer to adhere to the Labour Relations Act.

Members of Unit 1 will be presented with the new language of the tentative collective agreement  on

Wednesday, March 15,  5:00 – 7:00, Room: Academic South 204

Thursday, March 16 , 12:00 – 3:00, Room: Thistle 240

At each meeting members will be free to ask questions and engage in a discussion. The meetings will conclude with a secret ballot vote. The question on the ballot simply asks members to indicate by ‘yes’ if they accept the terms of the tentative collective agreement, or to signal by ‘no’ if they do not accept it as is.

If a majority of votes (50% plus one) accept the terms of the tentative agreement then it is ratified and becomes a legally binding document.  Only members of Unit 1 can vote.