You ask, we answer! Pay day schedule.

Do you recall that the employer switched to one-week lag pay schedule at the beginning of this term? Thanks to this new payroll regime we are now paid one week later than the two week work period for which the pay is issued. Please note, that in 2017 the last pay day is on December 29 for the period December 10-23. As you can see in the pay day schedule for 2018 (linked below), we will get paid for Dec 24 – 31 period on January 12, 2018 .

Here is the schedule for 2018. 

How to find both 2017 and 2017 tables?   Log in
Click on Services Directory on the top drop-down menu; then on Human Resources; once there, go to the vertical list on the left and click on Payroll. Under the subheading Pay Schedules and Submission Dates find the bi-weekly one week-lag links.