Ninth Floor film screening

For Black History Month, our local is showing 2015 film by Mina Shum, Ninth Floor. There are quite a few film events scheduled this month on campus. Our Communications Committee picked Ninth Floor for its topicality — it describes racial injustice on a university campus.

In the course of several months in 1968-69, tension had built up at Sir George Williams University in Montreal (now Concordia) over accusations of racist discrimination from six Black Caribbean students. The university, in defense of its white lecturer, profoundly affected lives of the six Black students. Many of the 200 students involved in organized acts of civil disobedience to address this injustice were arrested.

In Sankey Chamber, this Thursday at 5 pm. Light food and drinks.

“The film is a meticulously detailed mesh of archival material, some of it very rare, and present-day testimony from participants who talk intimately about the event, clearly still haunted by it.”