Changes to our bylaws reflect focus on bargaining

Our March General Members Meeting is on the 22nd at 5 pm, location to be announced.

At the last GMM on February 28, a notice of change to bylaws was given. This means that attending members were presented with proposed changes to the bylaws of our local. On March 22, attending members will be voting on the acceptance of these newly proposed bylaw additions and changes.

The Policy, Bylaw and Finance Committee is tasked with assessing the current bylaws and policies in order to be able to respond to the ever changing environment at our workplace. The addition of the Bargaining Research Committee and the changes to both Bargaining Support and Bargaining Committees reflect the pressing needs of our local to be better prepared for negotiations with the employer.

The proposed changes are available here. The strike-through text shows the current language that is proposed to be removed, while the newly added language is in bold.