Our AGM is on Wednesday, April 11 at 4 pm in Thistle 325.

The main item on the agenda at our annual general meetings is ELECTIONS. See the agenda for this AGM with all the positions that are going to be elected. The positions’ duties are listed in our bylaws.

We will also be voting on two BYLAW AMENDMENTS.

One large amendment, particular to Unit 1, speaks to strengthening of our bargaining practices by a) adding a Bargaining Research Committee on the roster of standing committees (standing committee means a committee that is mandated to exist and be active by our bylaws), and b) by ensuring greater transparency and collaboration between the Bargaining Committee (the one that meets and negotiates with the employer) and the other committees and membership in reporting on the developments in negotiations.

The other amendment proposes to create another Vice President Position for Unit 1 that would be held by a graduate student member only.

How to run for an elected position:

Any member in good standing can run for a position. There are several ways how to do it:

  • A member can nominate another member for a position by sending an email to the union, and/or directly nominate a member for the position at the AGM (nominating so called ‘from the floor’).
  • A member who would like to run for a position doesn’t have to rely on other member to be nominated. They can nominate themselves by sending an email to the union and/or nominating oneself directly at the AGM.
  • A member who cannot be present at the AGM and would like to run for a position should email (or drop off) a letter of intent to run for the position and to be nominated at the AGM in their absence.

Our practice is to allow each candidate who is nominated and who accepts the nomination (so called ‘stands for the position’) to speak for two minutes to say something about themselves and their intention to run for the position.

Please, read the particular position’s description of duties in our bylaws.