Niagara District CUPE Council School

The Niagara District CUPE Council is a central CUPE  body with which CUPE locals in the Niagara Region, such as ours, choose to affiliate.  Elected delegates attend monthly meetings and act as an information liaison between the local and the council. You can see that it is very important for locals to communicate by staying connected. After all, different occupations and workplaces are not the source of division but commonalities that we all experience and share as workers.

The School
The Niagara District CUPE Council hosts union educational and workshops. Our local will send up to 6 members to each of the workshops listed and linked below. Most of them are Steward Learning Series [SLS] modules and thus preference is going to be given to our stewards should more than 6 people (stewards among them) express interest and commitment to attend.

This does not mean that other members are excluded from their chance to attend! We all have different schedules and not all stewards would likely be attending every single school.

Please, feel free to email  with the subject line CUPE SCHOOL and claim your spot! We would help with registration and other info.

Look carefully at the contents of each link and choose your workshop. The registration fee is paid by the local. You can see all of them listed here. Please note, that our local’s initiative to send members concerns the dates listed below.

July 7 and 8

July 28 and 29

September 18

October 9

October 20 and 21 Health and Safety

November 10 and 11