General Members Meeting September 27

THISTLE 147 at 4 pm (please note the room has been changed from TH 246 to THISTLE 147)

NEW! Become the lucky winner of a ticket to SAM 23 !What to do:  come to the meeting | put your name in a hat |  we will draw the winners at the end of the meeting.

The Debaters tickets will be there as well!

Problems with Workday? Bring it to the meeting! 

The local is holding a general meeting on Thursday, September 27, at 4 pm in Thistle 246. There will be food, a CUPE 1287 member as a guest speaker for 10 minutes, and we will chat about Workday and other issues The meeting will be called to order at 4:30. . Remember that the union is only as good (read your working conditions) as the members (you) make it! **

We have an IMPORTANT AGENDA this first GMM of the term.  ELECTIONS FOR SEVERAL POSITIONS are going to be held at the meeting. Any member in good standing can run for any of open the positions. See elections of officers, article 7.12 in our bylaws

Vice President Graduate Students Members – NEW POSITION

Equity Officer, see description of duties in our bylaws, article 7

Health and Safety Officer, see description of duties in our bylaws article 7

Unit 2 Vice President*

Unit 2 Steward*

Unit 3 Vice President*

Unit 3 Steward*

We are also going to elect delegates to these two conferences:

Delegates to CUPE Ontario Health and Safety and Injured Workers Conference

Delegates to CUPE Ontario Women’s Conference

*Only members of these respective units can run for and elect members to these positions.

** 4.1 The governing bodies of the Local shall consist of the following:
(a) The Membership
(b) The Executive Committee
(c) The Stewards Council
(d) Committees: Committees of the executive may be formed to make specific recommendations to the executive on any given issue. Committees of the general membership may also be formed, open to all members in good standing. Committees can work toward new policy or on the basis of already existing policy, but they cannot contravene the Local’s by-laws, and must not act so as to undermine the policies duly enacted by the general membership.
4.2 The plenary authority of the Local shall rest with the membership of the Local. Such authority shall be exercised in properly constituted membership meetings and referenda, in accordance with these bylaws.