Questions for the University and a demand to disaffiliate from Chamber of Commerce

Today, our local sent a letter to president Fearon, inquiring about the role of Brock University in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce [OCC], and calling for its withdrawal from the OCC. The OCC lobbied the Ontario government to repeal worker-friendly provisions contained in Bill 148 that amended three regulatory regimes in Ontario: the Employment Standards Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Labour Relations Act. These amendments lasted barely a year before the PC government of Doug Ford destroyed these amendments by passing Bill 47.

“Despite widespread outrage across the province, the PCs privileged the pro-business agenda of the OCC and forced through changes that would weaken rights for the most vulnerable. If Brock University claims to be among the top employers in Hamilton-Niagara, it needs to clarify whether it supports weakening minimum protections for workers in this province. What part did the Administration of Brock play in framing the OCC’s demands?

“CUPE 4207 calls on Brock University to denounce the changes brought by Bill 47 to the Employment Standards Act, and to cease membership in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.”

The whole letter can be read here.