We have had an interesting Fall term. It started on the rough note and continued so, mainly thanks to Workday which kept us frustrated and busy. In November we held a luncheon for workers of all unions on campus and non-unionized workers as well, to generate a productive feedback on Workday. The university took notice and promises changes to the system.

Four micro socials were held  in the Fall. Another, Micro Social # 5, one is on the way for January 19; this time for members with children.

We are heading into the bargaining season. Both Unit 1 and 2 contracts expire in 2019. At each of our October and November general meetings we have elected Unit 2 and Unit 1 Bargaining Committees.  Both committees have met at least once in preparation for bargaining. We have also added a new and a necessary component to the bargaining preparation process — the Bargaining Research Committee. Click on the Bargaining 2019 tab above to see the committees’ composition.