Unit 1 Bargaining Survey

The bargaining survey has been emailed directly from Survey Monkey to members on February 27th. If you have not received it, please contact info@cupe4207.org or ext. 4766.

Our union began the bargaining process with the election of your Bargaining Committee (us!) at the November GMM. Bargaining will commence over the Summer prior to the expiry of our agreement in September.

Given the cutbacks to funding initiated by the Conservative Government, this round of bargaining will most likely prove challenging. However, the more members are involved, the stronger we will be in negotiating a fair and better collective agreement that recognizes the work that we do while providing the resources necessary to do that work.

Before we commence bargaining, we are rolling out a survey about our membership’s working conditions. This survey will provide the Bargaining Committee with the invaluable direction from the voices of our entire membership. The more members who participate and fill out the survey, the stronger the information will be.

This year, the survey has been designed a little differently than previous bargaining surveys. We have structured the survey to raise questions specifically related to the diverse categories of work in our agreement. Additionally, there will be a number of opportunities to share ideas and thoughts about what your experiences are and what is important to you. With this in mind, the input of all members is equally valued, no matter what your role is, where you work, or how long you have been a member. Finally, please be assured that access to the information gathered by this survey will be secured, and your responses held in confidence. It will not be used for any other purposes.

You may hear from CUPE 4207 a lot during the month of March. Members will be circulating by offices to help other members complete the survey, we will be present in Mackenzie Chown A-block, and cards and Facebook posts will be reminding members to complete the survey.

Following the survey, the Bargaining Committee will review the results and suggest a number bargaining priorities at a Bargaining Priorities Meeting. As members, your attendance at this meeting is essential for discussing, shaping and voting on our priorities. Please look out for this Bargaining Priorities meeting date on our website, poster boards, and social media in the month of March.

We want you to be part of the process, we want to hear from you!

In Solidarity,


CUPE 4207 Bargaining Committee (Darrin, Gerry, Ian, Leila, Michael, and Phil)