Our annual general meeting is on
Monday, April 15, at 3:30 pm in STH 217 (STH = Academic South)

It is at the AGM that we elect members into all positions on the Executive Committee; faculty stewards; international steward; Unit 1 instructor steward; health and safety officers; one trustee with term ending April 30th 2022; and labour council delegates. See full list of positions open for elections below.

The amendment to bylaws that will be discusses and voted on concerns the addition of a new position to the Executive Committee – Health and Safety Officer. If this motion to create this H&S officer passes, the position will be a part of the general election at this AGM. This means that it will be open for nominations and members can run for it.

Any member in good standing can run for a position. A member in good standing is a member who has filled and signed CUPE Application for Membership card. We will have these cards available at the meeting for you to sign if you haven’t done so already.

Descriptions of duties of all executive positions, trustees and stewards are in our bylaws.

How to run for a position:

  1. Read on the duties of the position.
  2. Make the honest decision if you can commit to the work for the union as the tasks can be demanding on time and energy, especially if you are fairly new to the union or did not get involved much in the past. Be aware that the ’15 hours a month of paid executive position work’ refers to the 15 hours x hourly rate as an explanation how the honorarium is calculated; it is not an hourly paid position! The approximate 15 hours a month honorarium for an executive position spikes to 60+  hours a month in order to carry out the duties properly. Our local does not have a staff. We are accountable for over a thousand dues paying members and must pull the weight together. Much energy goes to learning new ways of thinking of oneself as a worker at this university and a worker in general; learning our collective agreement, our bylaws and policies; our connections to our affiliated labour bodies; the connections between our local and other locals on campus and other progressive organizations and groups on campus. You have to be prepared to learn new skills in data recording and data entering; you need to be somewhat familiar with the basics of the law of work and arbitration case law; the structure of the university working environment with its bicameral governing system and policies. We frequently schedule union training and some of the workshops are mandated to take by our bylaws. Please realize that being active in matters related to a labour union does not endear you to employers. Running for a position with the singular motivation that it will help you on the labour market is not a good idea.
  3. If you have considered the above, and you want to give it  a try, send the union an email to either nominate yourself or your fellow coworker – a member – can nominate you.
  4. You can come directly to the meeting and ask someone to nominate you or a position or you can nominate yourself.
  5. Sign CUPE Application for membership if you haven’t already. These are available in our office and also will be available at the AGM and any other union meeting. Without the membership card you cannot run for a position.

By all means, contact the union, for any info you need. Office hours are

Monday  12:00 – 5:00 pm
Tuesday   1:00 – 3:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm – free coffee for members, drop by the office!
Thursday  10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

except for the Tuesday April 2 and Thursday April 4 and Wednesday April 10, when we have the UNIT 1 bargaining priorities meetings. 

Positions open for elections on April 15:

Executive Committee

Vice-President Unit 1
Vice-President Unit 2
Vice-President Unit 3
Vice President Graduate Student Members
Chief Steward
Recording Secretary           
Equity Officer
Membership Outreach Officer


Unit 2 Steward  
Unit 3 Steward

Social Sciences
Math & Sciences
Applied Health Sciences
International Steward
Instructors Steward

Health and Safety Committee
Two Health and Safety officers
One representative for Marylin I. Walker campus Joint Health & Safety Committee
One alternate for Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings (to fill in for the above’s absence)

One trustee for the Term ending April 30, 2022

Delegates to labour councils
Four delegates to Niagara Regional Labour Council
Two delegates to Niagara District CUPE Council