Member of the Month – Neivin Shalabi

We are pleased to introduce new feature – each month we will present Member of the Month, an active and engaged member in good standing (elected positions are excluded from consideration).

The very first one for the month of July 2019 is Neivin Shalabi.

Neivin grew up in Egypt where she earned several degrees in English language and literature. She pursed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Denver, CO, USA. Neivin immigrated to Canada and came to Brock University as a visiting scholar in 2015.

She joined the Union in November 2018. Since then she has participated in several of its activities, including Leadership Essentials Training, CUPE Ontario Convention 2019, and cultural initiatives. “I appreciate the warm welcome I received from the Executive Board when I became part of CUPE Local 4207” said Neivin.

Reflecting on her involvement with the Union, Neivin noted, “My membership with CUPE has been an uplifting experience. I am pleased to be part of a union that adheres to shared governance principles and seeks to further the ideals of equity and dignity. I also treasure the professional development opportunities offered by the Union to boost its members’ capacities for achieving its mission of ensuring the welfare of its members. I encourage all members to engage actively in our local not only to access meaningful opportunities for growth and effecting positive change, but also to enjoy the companionship of a wonderful group of talented and friendly professionals constituting the Executive Board who are willing to share their sincere advice and technical expertise.”

Capitalizing on her prior work on diversity and inclusion, Neivin aspires to continue her effort to advance equity and justice through collaboration with CUPE Local 4207.