October GMM

Our October general members meeting is on MONDAY, October 28 at 4 pm in

we were notified on October 23 that our booking was changed to TH 255 – (a change from the former room in WH with the piano! ;-( ) But members are encouraged to bring their musical instruments and showcase their art never the less!

This is the meeting of your labour union where what’s going on for the past months is being discussed, what is important to members and for the functioning of the union is put on the agenda. While we have the agenda preliminarily set up it is also open for suggestions from you – the members!

We will be holding elections to fill the positions of Faculty Stewards:

  • Faculty of Applied Health and Science Steward
  • Faculty of Business Steward
  • Faculty of Math and Sciences Steward
  • Faculty of Education Steward
  • Elections for Unit 3 Bargaining Committee

For description of steward functions see our bylaws.   Excerpts are included below.

We will also be electing members who want to be delegates to two conferences:

Racial Justice and Human Rights Conference (December 9 – 12) in Toronto

Ontario Federation of Labour convention that runs between November 25 -29 in Toronto

You can run for the positions by having someone to nominate you at the meeting or emailing a note that you wish to be running for a position.



Article 8: Stewards


  • 8.1 Election of Stewards

(a) The members shall be entitled to elect stewards as follows:

i. Faculty Stewards (Unit 1): one (1) steward for the following faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Applied Health Sciences, Business, and Math and Sciences and other new faculties as added from time to time.

ii. Departmental Stewards (Unit 1): up to two (2) stewards for each Academic Department in which Unit 1 members typically work.

iii. Additional Stewards (Unit 1): one (1) instructor steward and one (1) international steward.iv.Unit Stewards (Unit 2 and Unit 3): one steward to represent members of Unit 2 and one steward to represent members of Unit 3.

(b) The election process in 8.1.1 shall apply to Faculty Stewards, Additional Stewards, and Unit Stewards only.

(c) The election process in 8.1.2 shall apply to Departmental Stewards.


  • 8.2 Duties of Stewards

(b) Faculty and Unit Stewards shall:

i) Perform all duties of Departmental Stewards as set out in 8.2 (a) except (vii).

ii) Attend all Stewards Council and Grievance Committee meetings.

iii) Where applicable, liaise with Departmental Stewards to ensure they have the training and supports to perform their duties.iv)Report on their work to the Chief Steward and, as appropriate, their respective Vice Presidents.

v) Perform note taking duties for Grievances, Disciplinary Hearings, and Arbitrations as requested.

(c) Additional Stewards shall:

i) Act as representatives of the Local on issues pertaining to the group that they represent.

ii) Collect information and report to the Stewards Council regarding issues facing the groups that they represent.

iii) Maintain contact and inform members of groups that they represent of Collective Agreement and workplace issues.

iv) Attend Stewards Council and Grievance Committee meetings at least once per term.