Payslip notice

We have been informed by Human Resources that members whose contract expires December 31, and who do not hold a contract in the Winter, should expect their last pay on January 10th. Since the switch to the Workday system, members had no access to their payslips after their last day of contract. The employer has enabled members to access their pay information seven days after the final pay deposit. Here is what they sent us:

Accessing Your Final Payslip – new Workday functionality

 When your last active appointment with Brock ends, your account access to Workday is removed at the end of your final appointment date (i.e. if your last active appointment runs from Sept 1 to Dec 31, your account access is removed at the end of the day on Dec 31st). The last pay deposit for contracts ending December 31, 2019 will be made on January 10, 2020. In order to access your final payslip, you will be granted temporary access to Workday for a period of 7 days after your final pay deposit. A notification message will be sent to your personal email account with instructions on how to access your final payslip after your appointment has ended. For ease of use, it is suggested that you save the Job Aid document to your personal computer prior to following the steps within the Job Aid. Please note that you must have a personal email account entered in Workday prior to your termination date in order to receive temporary access to your payslip.

The extended limited access will also allow you to update your personal contact information, which will be helpful in the event that you need to provide a different address for the mailing of your T4 tax slip that you will require to file your taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Instructions on how to add a primary home email account (i.e. a personal email account) in Workday can be found on the Workday SharePoint site. If you do not have a personal email account in Workday, please enter one prior to the end of your appointment.

You are encouraged to print or save electronic versions of your payslips to your personal computing device during the course of your appointment, after each pay deposit, if you wish to have copies of your payslips.