Strike Mandate Votes

Why you should vote YES for a strike mandate

We have been without a Collective Agreement since September 2019, and negotiations for a new collective agreement have been proceeding slowly. The university has not bargained seriously since the summer, and we have agreed to only a few minor issues. The University is not willing to consider any of the bargaining priorities that we had ratified last year. Instead, they seem content on not accepting any gains, and instead are seeking to weaken the language that protects our working conditions. Because of this, we need to send a strong message to the University that they need to take us seriously. To do this, we need a strong strike mandate vote!

A strike mandate vote is not a vote for a strike. It is a legal requirement under the Ontario Labour Relations Board. A strong strike vote will send a message that we are united for a stronger collective agreement.

Of course, this is nothing new. In past rounds of bargaining, real movement has often begun only after a strong Yes vote. We do not want to go on strike. No one does. But the best way to avoid one is to demonstrate that we are ready for one. Vote YES to give a strike mandate to get a fair collective agreement!

Voting days and locations.

For most of the locations, times are yet to be announced; it very much at this time depends on scheduling of elected officers of the union to be able to staff the tables.

On Monday and Tuesday, the tables will be closed for the time of town hall and general membership meeting.

MONDAY FEB 10th from 1 to 3 pm in Sankey Chamber

and TUESDAY FEB 11th from 4 to 7 in Schmon Tower room 107.

Members wishing to vote at those meetings are still able to do so at the meeting.

Saturday, February 8th

  • 11 am to 2 pm on Hamilton Campus only

Monday, February 10th  times TBA

  • Mackenzie Chown A hallway
  • Computer Commons in Scotiabank Hall

Tuesday, February 11th times TBA

  • Computer Commons in Scotiabank Hall
  • GLENRIDGE building lobby, time 1 – 4 pm

Wednesday, February 12th  times TBA

  • Mackenzie Chown A hallway
  • Computer Commons in Scotiabank Hall