Message from Centre for Pedagogical Innovation

In light of this weeks announcements regarding Brock University and next steps for completing teaching responsibilities for the Winter term (including assignments, exams and course evaluations) we want to ensure your members are aware of the resources, tools and options available to them.

Visit the CPI website Resources where you will find a Flexible Teaching and Learning page, where alternative teaching strategies and tools are available.
Some highlights are:
NOTE:To conduct class meetings with small groups of undergraduate/graduate students or to hold office hours, instructors may wish to use Microsoft Teams.  If you’d like an automatically provisioned Team site with your student class roster please email and we can assist.
For additional information about Microsoft Teams and alternatives for larger classes and groups visit I want to delivery my pre-recordered lecture/seminar/lab online (asynchronous)

Converting an existing formal paper-based exam into an online format can be a significant undertaking. We suggest taking a Re-weight > Re-design > Digitize approach.
This chart may be helpful in determining your next steps.
Online Course Evaluations: 
Considering an online course evaluation? Resources can be found on the CPI website.
To discuss teaching options, assessment and evaluation contact
For all teaching technology inquiries contact
For general teaching inquiries contact
As additional information becomes available the CPI website will be updated.