Help with converting courses online

We have asked the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation [CPI] about online teaching support for our members.

1) What CPI workshops are available for Instructors who have never instructed online?

  • At present CPI has provided large Faculty wide workshops to introduce the key concepts of online learning and we will soon be announcing and moving in to a Faculty cohort model where we will bring together smaller groups of instructors on specific topics such as first year courses, writing intensive courses, STEM courses etc.  If a CUPE member knows that they will be teaching in one of these areas they are welcome to attend these sessions.
  • As well, we continue to provide one on one supports for instructors through our Centre and the team can be contacted at for these consultations. We often work with CUPE instructors and are always happy to do so!
  • Also a branded resource template with checklists, step by steps instructions and videos are being created to go together with a process for designing a course which will be available online together with all of the other resources that currently exist. All of this is available to CUPE members

2) What CPI workshops are available for TAs who have never TA’d online?

  • We are currently designing an Online Course TA Certificate that we will roll out for the summer to prepare our TAs for the Fall.  That said we recognize that most TAs do not get their contracts until August so we will be delivering these from May- June and then doing all of them again in a more condense schedule in August.
  • More details on this will be available soon.