Make Brock a $15 Fairness Campus endorsement

Our local has been approached by Fight for $15 & Fairness Niagara to endorse a proposal of the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, Equity, and Decolonization [PACHRED] for improvement of work standards at Brock. The proposal, Make Brock a $15 & Fairness Campus, requests that the university reinstates some of the labour protections that have been revoked by Bill 47 in 2018. Adopting fair minimum standards of work would be a principled step in the right direction, as the university should lead in providing a decent working environment for all workers.

CUPE 4207 represents over one thousand contract academic workers at Brock University. Most of our members work as part-time Instructors, TAs, Lab Demonstrators, Course Coordinators and Markers/Graders. Working from contract to contract in the post-secondary sector requires applying for work several times a year, hoping there will be enough of it to make ends meet. All workers at the university deserve respect and we believe that Brock must implement the labour protections outlined in the proposal, including the funding of a research on precarious work on campus.

We support Make Brock a $15 & Fairness Campus proposal and trust the university will implement its recommendations fully.