New – Hardship Fund

A new policy, the Hardship Fund policy, has been adopted at our Special General Members Meeting on June 16th. It is a temporary policy ending September 30th, 2020, and was added to our Policy Book .

According to this policy, hardship requests would be administered and vetted by three Hardship Committee members in confidentiality.

How to access the fund: Fill in this form.

Normally, creating a hardship fund would be treated as a bylaw amendment but under the special pandemic-related circumstances CUPE National guidelines allowed us to create a policy and vote on it at a general meeting, instead of engaging in the longer process associated with bylaw amendments. After its expiry, this temporary policy can still become a bylaw  (not necessarily in the current version but subject to CUPE National approval), should the membership wish so.

The three members (and an alternate) have been appointed by the Executive Committee on July 6, 2020.