Call for membership mobilizers – accomplished!

We have six member mobilizers to start in September.

CUPE 4207 Seeks Member Mobilizers and Coordinators

Our local is looking for two coordinators and several member-mobilizers to start at the last week of August until the end of September (start date may vary). There are 250 hours of fee-for-service mobilizing work to be shared by several members who are interested and committed to carry out an awareness-raising campaign during Unit 1 bargaining. There is also the possibility of additional hours if necessary.

What needs to be done?

Mobilization of members in times of collective bargaining means that varied forms of communication are necessary to convey information to keep members updated and engaged. This includes communication by social media, telephone, and also, if necessary, traditional mailouts. The tasks will be overseen by the Strike Committee; the Executive and the Research Committees will provide informational content. The execution of the tasks will be carried out by the mobilizers themselves.


What does it take to mobilize?

Given the short time, and sudden streams of information that need to be presented to membership we are

seeking members with the following skills:

For coordinators:

  • Coordinating and assisting mobilizers in completing their objectives.
  • Liaising between the Strike Committee and member-mobilizers.
  • Assisting member-mobilizers as necessary.

For member-mobilizers:

  • Sharing social media content (graphic design skills are an asset).
  • Exhibiting good oral communication skills.
  • Being quick in independent execution of a task while being responsive to coordination of fellow member-mobilizers.

While these skills are necessary, familiarity with and support of labour unions, and past engagement with our local in some capacity, are assets that the Strike Committee will consider in the selection process.

What is the time commitment?

The hours for the mobilization-related tasks will be approved by the Strike Committee. Once the applicants have been selected, the specific hours will be allocated. Depending on the tasks, the time commitment will vary. It will range from 1 hour to 10 hours per week.

How much does it pay?

In this Strike Aversion campaign, covered by CUPE National guidelines, the fee-for-service rate is $25 an hour.

How to apply?

Email the local at with the subject line Membership Mobilizer Application, by August 19th.

In your letter of intent, outline your strengths in social media communications or coordinating skills, and describe your involvement with the union. Include your availability in the months of August and September.