Member of the Month – October

We are pleased to introduce the Member of the Month for October 2020 –

Nadine Brundrett!

Nadine Brundrett has been a member of CUPE 4207 Unit 1 since she began teaching at Brock in September 2000 as an Instructor and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Classics.

Recently, Nadine has become more active in the Union taking on a number of responsibilities. Over the years she came to realize the importance of the Union to represent and support the many Contractual Academic workers at Brock University and she is an example of the ideal that it is never too late to become actively involved in your local and to learn about all the many ways the union is essential to all our working lives at Brock!

In the Spring 2019 Nadine was elected to the position of Instructors Steward. She continues to hold this position with the extensions granted under the COVID-19 circumstances. As a Steward, Nadine has regularly attended the General Members Meetings, she has participated as a silent observer during a Unit 1 Bargaining session in December, 2019 to ensure that the administration understood the importance of these negotiations for all our members, and in the Fall 2019 she led a couple faculty orientation sessions to welcome incoming members to the union explaining their rights and the role of the union at Brock.

Throughout her time as a union steward Nadine has taken a keen interest in helping with the grievance process. Working with the Chief Steward, first Nathan Cecckin and more recently Brigitte Cecckin, she has attended many meetings with Human Resources as a note-taker. During and after these meetings she has also helped to formulate strategies and arguments in order to find solutions and remedies for members who have had their rights violated under the Collective Agreement. Upholding the Collective Agreement and seeking justice for our members against administrative abuses is an integral responsibility of the union and Nadine considers this to be an important part of her role as a Union Steward.

To that end Nadine urges all member of the union to speak up when they are concerned about the economic and social conditions around their academic work. And she wants us all to remember that we must play an active role in our union and that the union is the best way to strengthening our voices to gain better working conditions at Brock University in the future.