Member of the Month – November

The Member of the Month for November is Dylan Michels!

Hello! I’m Dylan Michels. I have been a part of Brock since 2015. Having completed my undergraduate studies in Sociology and Philosophy, with a concentration in Criminology, I enrolled in the Masters of Philosophy program in 2019. During that time, I had the benefit of being represented by CUPE 4207 in my various roles as a Teaching Assistant, a Research Assistant, and a Marker Grader. I have also worked as a Senior Information Technology Associate for the Goodman School of Business. I also volunteered to represent Humanities graduate students on the Graduate Student Association as a board member in 2019. I am currently on the Advisory Committee for the selection of the Dean of Humanities, and I volunteer as a Member Mobilizer for CUPE 4207. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brock; I am always excited to reciprocate the help, care, and support afforded to me. I believe engagement, action, critical thought, and social justice are integral venues to achieve a more welcoming and inclusive community at Brock.

My research, Instrumental Motives, Environmental Mastery, and the Industrialization of Western Education, investigated the ways our systems of education, tasked with helping solve the problem of climate change, recreate the problem. To tackle climate change, we must examine the way we think and the ideologies which support the degradation and appropriation of nature. So as long as our approach is myopic, we cannot tackle climate change. Part of my goal is to investigate the genesis of climate change. I hope to strive for a more proactive and effective policy. 

Currently, I am enrolled at the University of Toronto’s Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources. My end goal is to become a labour mediator for the Ontario Labour Board or the Ministry of Labour. 

With this background, I hope to initiate an Environmental Justice Committee. I look forward to engaging with other members to continue advancing the interests of all union members and to ensure their fair treatment. Only through this goal can we create a more inclusive, sustainable, and effective learning experience.