Retro pay on your payroll

Our Unit 1 collective bargaining ended on November 3 2020, with both sides ratifying the new language for 2019 – 2022. The increase in pay for 2019-2020 will be paid retroactively (see Appendix B in the new collective agreement).

HR notified us that this is how retro pay is handled:

  1. Members with contracts D1 (September – April) will receive retro payment  as a lump sum that “will make up for the difference between the old and new rates for the entire duration of the contract.” This lump sum pay will be paid in January, while the old rates apply for the duration of their D1 contract.
  2. Members with D3 contracts will be paid the new rate of pay.

The lump sum can be expected this Friday, January 22, our pay day.

The payday schedule is here.  Please let us know is you have any questions