TA and Marker-Grader duties

It has been brought to our attention that some departments expect Marker-Graders to do TA duties.

Marker-Graders are being asked, for example, to field students’ inquiries about assignment instructions, and general course-related information, which is a TA duty.

If anyone is asked to perform TA duties while on a M-G contract, please contact the Chief Steward, chiefsteward@cupe4207.org

Below is the Workload language from our Collective Agreement, Article 22.01:

22.01. c) “Teaching Assistant: Associated with the position of Teaching Assistant is a nominal workload of 60 hours per half-credit course. This nominal workload is normally made up of scheduled contact time with students and non-classroom time. The non-classroom work may include preparation of seminar material, student consultation, marking or grading, examination proctoring, attending lectures, holding office hours, and other course administration as may be required.”

22.01 e)  “Marker-Grader: The number of nominal hours assigned to a Marker-Grader will vary from department to department and from course to course. Marker-Graders assist in marking assignments, term projects, case reports, midterm, progress and final exams, and any other marking related duties including examination proctoring and entering grades into databases.”