Ballots sent out January 26th

A big THANK YOU goes out to all members attending our General Members Meeting yesterday afternoon (and evening, it was long!).

Members who attended the GMM and left their mailing address with us (via Google Forms link provided at the GMM), will be receiving their ballots soon! The envelopes were put in the trusting hands of a Canada Post unionized worker this morning 😉

When you receive the ballots, read the instruction sheet carefully. All the ranking boxes next to candidates’ names need to be filled in with a number in order of your preference of the candidate for the position. Leaving even one of them blank means spoiled ballot for that particular position.

Please, fold the filled out ballot sheets in the provided self-addressed/ stamped envelope and mail it at your earliest convenience. Note, that the returning envelope is addressed to the office of Henry Bosch, our CUPE service representative.  Henry, and at least two scrutineers from our union, will be counting the votes between February 19th (deadline for reception of the ballots) and February 22 (our next GMM). The newly elected members will be announced at the February 22nd GMM.