Member of the Month – March 2021

We are happy to introduce Agostino Menna, our Member of the Month of March!

Hi CUPE 4207 Team, my name is Agostino Menna.

Coming home to Brock! I am honoured to be part of a talented group of members of the CUPE 4207 community.

I did my undergraduate studies at Brock University and have many amazing memories of faculty, students and staff during my time here.

I began my involvement “post-student” as a TA in the faculty of business and later as a sessional instructor. I left the Brock community for several years and had positions at Ryerson University and Niagara University. I completed my PhD from the University of Toronto, my research interests are in entrepreneurship, innovation, economics and technology commercialization. I am currently employed with The Big Leaf (, a consulting firm from Toronto, I do valuations and due diligence for investor ready ventures, mainly at the early to late-stage phase of tech startups.

My involvement with CUPE 4207 stems from my deep-seated values of integrity and fairness for a just workplace for all members of society. I am particularly interested in antidiscrimination policies that relate to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and religion.   I am also committed to the eradication of poverty and addressing mental health issues in the Niagara community.

I steadfastly trust in the values of participation and contribution that intersect with our distinctive talents, presents our union a richer and more meaningful experience.