SGMM & Townhall Reminder

Hello all,

After the Special General Membership Meeting on Thursday, June 24th, we will be holding a Town Hall meeting at 6:30pm to discuss your concerns about an in-person return to learning in the Fall term. To date, members have raised issues, such as:

  • How will seminar rooms, labs, and lecture halls be cleaned & sanitized effectively between classes?
  • What will be done to ensure proper social distancing in these spaces?
  • What will be done about the existing overcrowding of seminar spaces?
  • What will be done to about shared office spaces where sometimes 20 TAs & Graders share a space?
  • What safety and containment measures will be in place if an outbreak occurs (a variant), given the risk of exposure is heightened with more in-person classes being run?

The Administration has been releasing statements that they are planning for the Fall, but the array of options that they are presenting – full in-person, hybrid of in-person and online, and all online – are the only options. It is clear that there hasn’t been a decision on what the Fall term would look like. This is understandable, given that it has been almost impossible to make any planning during this pandemic.

While we can’t make a decision about what the Fall term will look like, we can have a discussion about what our concerns are, and how to make sure that they are on the table in the planning for the Fall. The Town Hall will seek to get input into concerns and to plan how to present these concerns to the Administration and to the broader community.

The Town Hall will begin after the SGMM and it will be held on the same Zoom link!

Please register in advance for the SGMM & Townhall here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

[a quick note: **We will be conducting voting via Zoom polls during the SGMM. Members who call in over the phone will not be able to vote**].

In solidarity,
Nathan Cecckin, on behalf of the Executive Committee