Seneca College Sets Precedence

Thank you to Seneca College President David Agnew for setting precedence.

Why Seneca College became the first post-secondary institution in Canada to require vaccinations as a condition of coming on campus this fall

We request that Brock University make this easy (not light) decision: please, take EVERYONE’s health & safety seriously. Human life is worth more than ‘bum$ in the seat’ mentality. We all have a right to work and learn in a safe and healthy environment on campus. This has NOT been provided to workers or students at this time….

Our governments have done nothing less in the name of public health. Whether it is being able to cross the border without quarantining or entering a long-term-care home without being tested, our governments have acknowledged that being vaccinated is the safe choice that confers a benefit.

Seneca agrees. In fact, we agree so much we think government should follow in the footsteps of jurisdictions elsewhere by mandating vaccinations for certain activities, such as returning to school in person.

Being vaccinated isn’t just about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting your family, your friends, your neighbours, even strangers. It’s an expression of community.

While our vaccination policy was a decision that was, in the end, easy, it was not taken lightly. We respect the right of people not to get vaccinated. In return, we expect them to respect our right to maintain a safe and healthy environment on our campuses.