A Message from Your Exec Committee regarding Class Sizes

A Message from Your Exec Committee – Class Sizes

Thanks to Covid 19, we have all become acutely aware of the importance of our working environment in determining our safety and the safety of others. In the past, we have argued that class size is an important issue that affects our members and students. During several rounds of bargaining with the Employer, CUPE 4207 had asked that class sizes be stabilized and, in many cases, reduced. These requests have been rebuffed in favour of a status quo mentality, no doubt informed by the Employer’s desire to place revenue above the health and safety of its students, faculty, contract workers, and staff. It is clear that the reason for a return to 100% capacity is being motivated by financial considerations. After all, we had been told outright that any social distancing requirements would mean most courses would move online due to the costs of smaller class sizes. Today this issue has come to the forefront and is once again a chief concern of our members.

Science has told us that we will no doubt be living with CoVid (and its variants) for some time – does it make sense to keep our classrooms as they were before this pandemic so drastically affected our learning and living communities? Are we to ignore the responsibility placed before us and NOT act? CUPE 4207 calls upon the Administration of Brock University to listen to Public Health experts, to listen to their own faculty, staff, contract workers, and students, and make the responsible choice. Class sizes must come down if physical distancing is to be maintained.