News from CUPE Ontario

News from CUPE Ontario!

The work of the CUPE Ontario Women’s Committee is centred on achieving fairness for all sisters in our union and in our communities. They do this by promoting women’s equality, empowering women and fostering opportunity and advancement for women. Fighting sexual harassment and discrimination, violence against women, pay equity and employment equity are foremost in the work of this committee.Congratulations on the election of the following members from your local union to Equality Committees of CUPE Ontario during our Human Rights & Women’s Conferences earlier this month:

– Elizabeth D’Angelo, 4207 Humanities Steward (Pink Triangle Committee)
– Tracy Kennedy, 4207 Outreach Officer (Women’s Committee)
– Leila Meskine, 4207 VP Unit 1 (Women’s Committee)
– Lina Adeetuk, 4207 Equity Officer (Young Workers Committee)