Congrats to the newly elected executive committee, stewards, delegates, and trustees for 2023-2024!

Executive Committee

President – Phil Wachel

VP, Unit 1 – Nathan Cecckin

VP, Unit 2 – Donna Pearce

VP, Unit 3 – Georgina Keller

VP, Graduate Students – Lilian Nyarko

Lead Steward – Brigitte Cecckin

Treasurer – Darrin Sunstrum

Outreach Officer – Tracy Kennedy

Equity Officer – Stacyann Williams

Recording Secretary – Ben Johnson

Health & Safety Officer – Mikko Kivisto

JHSC Main Campus Member – Phil Wachel

Alternate for JHSC – Katia Benseba

MIW Campus JHSC Member – Mikko Kivisto


Lead Steward – Brigitte Cecckin

Unit 2 – vacant

Unit 3 – John Vilella

Humanities – Elizabeth D’Angelo

Social Sciences – Morgan Crosby

Math and Science – Karl Grantham

Applied Health Sciences – Drake Christie

Education – vacant

Business – vacant

International Students – Kaho Nishibu

Instructors – Melissa St. Germaine-Small


Niagara Regional Labour Council: Karen Hofman, Ron Walker, Nathan Cecckin, Elizabeth D’Angelo

Hamilton and District Labour Council: Nathan Cecckin, Tracy Kennedy, Jessica Srivastava

Niagara District CUPE Council: Nathan Cecckin, Tracy Kennedy, Melissa St. Germaine-Small


May 1, 2023 – April 30, 2026 Term – Jessica Srivastava