Unit 3

Unit 3 members are ESL Instructors who work in ESL Services and in the Goodman School of Business. The Unit 3 Collective Agreement expires on July 6, 2023.

The Unit 3 Bargaining Committee is currently preparing to bargain.

Unit 3 Bargaining Committee:

Gloria Leahey

John Villella

Phil Wachel

Jessica Srivastava


Unit 3 Bargaining Update

Unit 3 ratified the tentative deal on December 20 with a 100% ‘yes’ vote.

The Brock Board of Trustees ratified the agreement the next day, so with that, Unit 3 Bargaining has officially concluded.

The new Collective Agreement will be posted on the CUPE 4207 website around the middle of January.

Phil Wachel, CUPE 4207 President

December 15, 2023
Re: Ratification Vote
Dear Unit 3 Member,

After 5 months of Bargaining, the Unit 3 Bargaining Committee has signed a tentative deal with the employer.
The contract changes will be presented at a Ratification Meeting on Tuesday, December 19 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. You will receive an email containing the meeting location. Members will have the opportunity to ask questions after the presentations prior to voting on the contract. The plan is to present the contract changes at 11:00 am and then again at noon.  Unfortunately, there is no virtual option for voting.

In Solidarity,

Phil Wachel,
CUPE 4207 President (on behalf of the Unit 3 Bargaining Committee)

November 24th:

In response to the Employer’s October 6 Offer to Settle, your Bargaining Team has sent their own Offer to Settle to the Employer on November 16 in advance of the December 14 Bargaining Meeting.

An Offer to Settle, if accepted, will end this round of Bargaining.

We look forward to hearing the Employer’s response on the morning of the 14th.

In Solidarity,
Phil Wachel, CUPE 4207 President

October 6th:

On September 25, your Bargaining Committee provided the Employer with a Monetary Proposal for
their consideration.

Today during Bargaining, we received a comprehensive counter proposal to settle by the employer.
Although the Unit 3 committee appreciates the time that went into preparing the offer to settle, the
counter proposal is not acceptable to the committee.

The wage proposal is lower than we had hoped for. Hours for courses have been removed completely. In
their place is an hourly wage for PT Instructors.

As well, some items that the union had proposed (such as Intellectual Property language and an
8-hour window for teaching) were not addressed by Brock in their counterproposal.

The Unit 3 Bargaining Committee will be working on a response to the employer’s offer to settle.

In Solidarity,
Phil Wachel, CUPE 4207 President on behalf of the Unit 3 Bargaining Committee

September 19th:

The Unit 3 Bargaining Committee has met with the Employer three times during the summer. On the first day of Bargaining, the Union was put on notice that the Employer will no longer accept the practice of full-time employees teaching 15 hours per week (as has been the practice for many years). This notice is called an Estoppel.

At the July 31 st bargaining meeting, the Employer indicated that they intend to move to a model where full-time employees would teach four hours a day. This would mean that full-time employees would be working harder, and part-time employees would receive fewer offers of work.

To the Union’s surprise, ESL Services is running their Fall term with FT teachers teaching 4 hours per day. This is also severely impacting the precarious contractual ESL Instructors who are seeing their hours cut.

An Estoppel cannot be enacted until bargaining concludes. Multiple grievances have been filed against this unfair practice that Brock ESL has decided to take.

The Unit 3 Bargaining Committee will continue bargaining for a fair workload and will continue to challenge practices that disadvantage ESL Instructors.

If you are interested in supporting Unit 3 and would like to be a part of the Bargaining Support Committee for Unit 3 (any 4207 member can participate) please reach out to Phil Wachel president@cupe4207.org and/or please attend the General Members Meeting (GMM) on Sept 21st.

August 5th update

July 20th update