Executive and Stewards

Elections for the positions on the Executive Committee are conducted every year at the Annual General Membership meeting in April.
 Executive and Stewards elected for term May 1, 2019 —  April 30, 2020


President                                     Phil Wachel             president@cupe4207.org
Vice-President Unit 1                   Leila Meskine          vpunit1@cupe4207.org
VP Graduate Student Members   Fauziyatu Ali           vpgradstudent@cupe4207.org
Vice-President Unit 2                   Joan Dundas           vpunit2@cupe4207.org
Vice-President Unit 3                   Miaco Kuzyk-Hildebrand       vpunit3@cupe4207.org
Treasurer                                     Ian Wood                 treasurer@cupe4207.org
Recording Secretary                   Jakob Chapman       recordingsecretary@cupe4207.org
Chief Steward                              Nathan Cecckin       chiefsteward@cupe4207.org
Equity Officer                               Gerry Boily               equity@cupe4207.org
Membership Outreach Officer      Karen Hofman          moo@cupe4207.org
Health and Safety Officer             Mikko Kivisto            healthandsafety@cupe4207.org


Unit 2 Steward           Donna Pearce          u2steward@cupe4207.org     
Unit 3 Steward           Carol Dohn                u3steward@cupe4207.org


Humanities                                Darrin Sunstrum       sun4034@gmail.com
Social Sciences                         Eugene Danso          ugendan@gmail.com
Math & Sciences                       Fatemeh Salahi           vacant as of Sep.1  135salahi@gmail.com           
Applied Health Sciences            V-A-C-A-N-T
Education                                  Reuben Plance        vacant as of Sep 1  reubennash2006@yahoo.com     

Business                                 V-A-C-A-N-T
International Steward                 Bertram Darko          bdarko@brocku.ca

Instructors Steward                   Nadine Brundrett            nbrundrett@brocku.ca