Executive and Stewards

Elections for the positions on the Executive Committee are conducted every year at the Annual General Membership meeting in April.
2016 May 1 —  April 30 2017

President                                     Phil Wachel           president@cupe4207.org
Vice-President Unit 1                   Elizabeth D’Angelo (pro term) vpunit1@cupe4207.org
Vice-President Unit 2                   Phoebe Kang Papple   vpunit2@cupe4207.org
Vice-President Unit 3                   Glenn Ewing          vpunit3@cupe4207.org
Treasurer                                     Ian Wood               treasurer@cupe4207.org
Recording Secretary                    Sachin Mehta         recordingsecretary@cupe4207.org
Chief Steward                              Steph Van Stralen    chiefsteward@cupe4207.org
Equity Officer                               Samantha MacAndrew equity@cupe4207.org
Membership Outreach Officer      Karen Hofman      moo@cupe4207.org


Unit 2 Steward          Pamela Barkwell  pretty_poochie@hotmail.com
Unit 3 Steward          Eric Olmedo McInerney   ericstewardunit3@gmail.com


Humanities                                 Darrin Sunstrum  sun4034@gmail.com
Social Sciences                          Charly Cecckin  toddcecckin@hotmail.com
Math & Sciences                        Bryan Giordano  bryanvgiordano@gmail.com
Applied Health Sciences            Jeffrey Cornelissen jeffrey.cornelissen@gmail.com
Education                                   Stephanie Piovesan  spiovesan1@gmail.com
Business                                     Elizabeth D’Angelo  edangelo1@cogeco.ca
International Steward                  Firoz Alam  alamiub@gmail.com

Instructor Steward                      –vacant—