Unit 2

Unit 2 Bargaining Committee members

Donna Pearce, Joan Dundas, Phil Wachel (ex-officio)

The Unit 2 met three times with the employer next meeting is on November 25.

NEW: The UNIT 2 Bargaining Committee reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement on Friday, January 10, 2020. The CA has been subsequently ratified.

The employer relies on the possible legislation of Bill 124, deceptively titled ‘Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019’. This act, which is just at the reading stage in the legislature,  represents draconian restrictions on public sector workers bargaining, that public sector unions, such as CUPE, intend to challenge on constitutional grounds. Never the less, employers see it as a reason to pre-emptively push workers to fit in the mould of this act. One of the sticking points is the 1/1/1 per cent restriction in compensations packages (1% per year). The bill was passed on November 8.

1) The Employer wants to tie Bargaining to Bill 124,

The Employer has offered 1% / 1% / 1% to the Unit.
CUPE Legal interprets the Bill as 1% total compensation
(1% increase to wages and 1% increase to benefits).
MPPs do not return to Queen’s Park until October 28 to discuss the Bill.
2) The Employer wants a status quo agreement.
For example, U2 members get a vision benefit of $375 (eye glasses). The Unit
wanted to change the benefit so that the $375 could be used for any combination of
eye glasses and/or eye examination. The Employer stated that they are not
interested in improving benefits for employees.
Unit 2 submitted a small number of Proposals; the only progress made was via
housekeeping items.