Here is an opportunity to get together, have some great lunch prepared by CUPE 1295 and chat about our working conditions – concerns that would provide feedback and support for our bargaining team.

From 12:00 noon to 2 pm in Sankey Chamber on Tuesday March 12.

Spread the word, talk to your fellow coworkers. There is a strength in finding common interest and experience.



Micro Social # 6 CURLING

We are going curling on Saturday, March 30.

Email the union to reserve a spot.

Wear comfortanble clothing, running shoes and remember that the activity happens on ice! The temperature is much lower than in the gym ;-). Wear a comfortable warm jacket.

Here is a brief intro video (the slider for your shoe will be provided.) Come at 5:30 pm sharp as the instructions and training on ice take time before a game is played.




This rally make sfor an important show of opposition to recent changes to OSAP and to operations of student organizations as proposed by the Ontario PC government. Our local covers the cost of transportation to the rally. Email if you want to go!

The proposed changes will hurt students and workers alike, and undermine the beneficial activities of student unions (at least the progressive student unions that work on staying independent from the university administration). Ancillary fees are still going to be levied if universities deem a project be financed form students’ personal pockets. Over those fees students have no say! Tuition fees are on the rise and the job market grows increasingly precarious. Students on OSAP are tremendously disadvantaged and once seeking a job in order to live are also encumbered with a loan to pay back, with a hefty interst. Collectively, students owe more than $28 billion to all governments across the country ( and an unknown amount in private loans).

This wave of rallies is a prelude to a larger battle workers must wage for a better society. The Ontario government is dead set on running human society on a for -profit business basis. Elementary education and health care are also on the chopping block for funding and slated to be privatized. Take a stand on this, inform yourself, and have your voice heard.

Strategic Planning meeting

Our local holds strategic planning meeting on June 15th from 9 am to no longer than 5 pm in Plaza 308.

This meeting is open for all members; elected officers should be attending. Lunch and snacks are covered by the local. Morning session will be facilitated by CUPE National.

Strategic planning is a collaborative way to set achievable and measurable goals for your local. It will help you determine what will be implemented over a matter of weeks and years so your local can evolve and grow to serve your membership better. It is also a way to build capacity and activism within your local. This is not an off the shelf workshop. Each situation is different and requires a tailor made approach.

Register here: