Special General Members Meeting

TUESDAY JUNE 16 at 4 pm

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This is our first general meeting since the lock down on March 13th. It is a special general members meeting with the following agenda:
  • Bargaining Update for Unit 1 and Unit 3.
  • Voting on three items:
  • Hardship Policy Proposal Since we have never had a policy on members’ requesting help in times of hardship, we have a proposal authored by the Policy, Bylaws and Finance Committee, that is to be discussed and voted on.
  • 2020-2021 Budget. We need to discuss and pass our annual budget.
  • Code of Conduct Proposal   At the last GMM, a notice to add a Code of Conduct to our bylaws was given. We will be discussing it and voting on it at this SGMM.


We are having a general meeting on March 12 at 5 pm in Thistle 240.

  • ELECTION FOR CHIEF STEWARD UNTIL AGM APRIL 6 GENERAL ELECTIONS. Our Chief Steward Nathan Cecckin, has been elected into the vacant TREASURER position, until April 6th AGM, hence there is a vacant position left behind –  the Chief Steward.
  • ELECTIONS FOR CUPE ONTARIO CONVENTION – 10 voting delegates! https://cupe.on.ca/convention2020/

The amendments can be viewed here : https://4207.cupe.ca/files/2020/02/PBF-26-Feb-2020.pdf




We are meeting for our February GMM on Thursday, the 27th at 5 pm in the Sankey Chamber.

AGENDA for the meeting:


  • UNIT 1 is gearing towards strike aversion/mobilization and this will be on the agenda as a germane issue (U1 BC is at conciliation on Feb. 20th and Feb. 28).
  • Elections pro tem (until the general elections at the annual meeting in April) of Treasurer (Executive Committee position) and Faculty Steward for Business (GSB).



January GMM

MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 2020 in Sankey Chamber at 5 pm

GUEST SPEAKER: There will be a guest speaker from OSSTF district 22, Shannon Smith, President. OSSTF is a labour union representing primarily high school teachers. Together with the elementary school teachers, education workers have waged a long battle to push off changes to public education that would negatively impact students, their parents and society in general. Come to the GMM to hear about the plans of the provincial government to usher in measures to invite private for profit forms of education!

AGENDA: Members are, of course, free to add items on the agenda either by emailing the info@cupe4207.org email or directly at the GMM!

  • Bargaining Updates for UNIT 1 (Unit 2 settled, and has very recently ratified their collective agreement ).
  • Election of two members (delegate and alternate) for Canadian Labour Congress Convention 2020 in Vancouver BC, May 4-8. A delegate and an alternate, representatives.
  • Elections for the Goodman School of Business Steward position. The outstanding vacancies have been filled in previous GMM’s elections. This one remains to be filled.
  • Vote on the Notice of Motion that was given at the December GMM:

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December GMM

We are holding general meeting in December this year.Why?

Because we are in BARGAINING!

MONDAY, DEC. 16 at 4 PM in WELCH HALL 209

We do a random draw for a gift card at the end of our general meetings!

AGENDA: Electing the two remaining faculty stewards for the term ending April 30, 2020.

  • Applied Health Sciences
  • Business
  • One Unit 1 Bargaining Committee member to fill in vacancy after a resignation. The work on the bargaining team is time consuming and requires a good grasp of the collective bargaining agreement and the issues in the post-secondary sector, precarious contract work at the academia. The BC member should be graduate student in the defined term of their program.
  • Up to five delegates to the Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee (a sectoral committee of CUPE Ontario) conference. The conference runs February 20 – 23 at the CUPE-O headquarters in Markham (no link yet).
  • Up to four delegates to CUPE Ontario Secretary-Treasurers Conference February 18 – 21 in Richmond Hill.

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Our November GENERAL MEMBERS MEETING is on TUESDAY NOV. 19 at 4 pm in the POND INLET





We will start with a guest speaker from CUPE Niagara District Council who will briefly speak on the CUPE Ontario campaign Communities, Not Cuts.


BARGAINING UPDATES – this is your time to ask questions and discuss bargaining issues!

elections for Steward positions in

    • Applied Health Sciences
    • Education
    • Goodman School of Business

elections for two delegates to the Disability and Work conference in Ottawa


September GMM

We hold our General Members Meeting on the 17th at 5 pm in the Sankey Chamber.

We will be discussing the following items on the agenda, and any item you wish to bring up!

Bylaw and Policy Changes

At the July 18th meeting, a notification of proposed changes to our bylaws and policies was given. Here they are to be discussed and voted on.


Bargaining Updates


– for four open positions of Faculty Stewards (see our bylaws article 8)

  • Business
  • Math and Sciences
  • Applied Health Sciences
  • Education

– for five delegates to Health and Safety Conference Nov. 12-16

–  for one Trustee for the duration ending April 30, 2022 (for duties see our bylaws, article 7.11)

– to represent the local at CUPE National convention – we elect four delegates and ONE alternate = five members to go as delegates to the convention.


Our annual general meeting is on
Monday, April 15, at 3:30 pm in STH 217 (STH = Academic South)

It is at the AGM that we elect members into all positions on the Executive Committee; faculty stewards; international steward; Unit 1 instructor steward; health and safety officers; one trustee with term ending April 30th 2022; and labour council delegates. See full list of positions open for elections below.

The amendment to bylaws that will be discusses and voted on concerns the addition of a new position to the Executive Committee – Health and Safety Officer. If this motion to create this H&S officer passes, the position will be a part of the general election at this AGM. This means that it will be open for nominations and members can run for it.

Any member in good standing can run for a position. A member in good standing is a member who has filled and signed CUPE Application for Membership card. We will have these cards available at the meeting for you to sign if you haven’t done so already.

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March General Membership meeting

The bylaw changes that are to be discussed and voted on. https://4207.cupe.ca/files/2019/02/BylawNoticeFebruary2019.pd

Ten delegates to CUPE Ontario Convention

Full agenda can be accessed here: https://4207.cupe.ca/files/2019/03/GMM-Agenda-26-3-2019.pdf

Any member in good standing can run for the position of a delegate to the CUPE Ontario annual convention. This year, the convention will be a site of many discussions, planning and organizing to push back the provincial government’s attack on public social programs, people who need them and the workers who work for them. https://cupe.on.ca/event/convention-2019/

February GMM

Our February general meeting is after the reading week, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 at 3 pm in Welsh Hall room 207. 


  • Elections for two positions 
Business Steward (term ending April 30, 2019)
International Steward (term ending April 30, 2019)
for description of stewards’ duties, go to article 8 in our bylaws https://4207.cupe.ca/files/2018/10/Updated-Bylaws-May-2018.docx.pdf
  • Bargaining Update from Unit 1 and Unit 2 bargaining committees and Bargaining Research Committee
  • Voting on Proposed Bylaw Changes*   these proposed amendments are going to be discussed and voted on at this meeting.
  • Notice of Bylaw Changes. New. These amendments are to be voted on at March 2019 GMM (This is a work of the Policy, Bylaw and Finance Committee)
  •  TA Hours Tracking Tool
  • Report from delegates to the Ontario University Workers COordinating Committee – a sectorl committee [OUWCC] of CUPE Ontario. The conference is Feb 21 -24 and the members have elected 5 delegates.
  • Three books are going to be given away to lucky members in a draw: 1., 2, and 3.

*These bylaw proposals are going to be voted on separately:

Notice 1 – Benefits Committee proposal

Notice 2 – Vice President Duties

Notice 3 – Two-Year Term for President and Treasurer

Notice 4 – Vacancy/Recall Language