Member of the Month – March 2021

We are happy to introduce Agostino Menna, our Member of the Month of March!

Hi CUPE 4207 Team, my name is Agostino Menna.

Coming home to Brock! I am honoured to be part of a talented group of members of the CUPE 4207 community.

I did my undergraduate studies at Brock University and have many amazing memories of faculty, students and staff during my time here.

I began my involvement “post-student” as a TA in the faculty of business and later as a sessional instructor. I left the Brock community for several years and had positions at Ryerson University and Niagara University. I completed my PhD from the University of Toronto, my research interests are in entrepreneurship, innovation, economics and technology commercialization. I am currently employed with The Big Leaf (, a consulting firm from Toronto, I do valuations and due diligence for investor ready ventures, mainly at the early to late-stage phase of tech startups.

My involvement with CUPE 4207 stems from my deep-seated values of integrity and fairness for a just workplace for all members of society. I am particularly interested in antidiscrimination policies that relate to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and religion.   I am also committed to the eradication of poverty and addressing mental health issues in the Niagara community.

I steadfastly trust in the values of participation and contribution that intersect with our distinctive talents, presents our union a richer and more meaningful experience.

Member of the Month for January 2021

We are pleased to introduce our new Member of the Month — Sarah Morningstar!

Hi folx!

My name is Sarah. I have been a Unit 1 member since September 2018. I began working as a TA and M-G after completing my BA in Child and Youth Studies and Sociology at Brock. In 2019, I began my Master’s in Social justice and Equity Studies, at which time I was also able to become more involved with the union. I received a warm welcome and in October of 2019 was elected as a Trustee. I have been active with the union to varying degrees as I juggle grad school, part-time work, and raising two young children. I encourage other members to be involved in ways that suit them as well.

As a Trustee I work alongside two other trustee’s and complete tasks such as the annual audit. I have been involved with ad-hoc tasks such as tabling, and I attend as many meetings as I can. In December 2020, I was a delegate to the Disability and Work in Canada Conference. One of my main takeaways from this conference was the importance of self-advocacy for people with disabilities. For me, this conference reaffirmed the many ways that Unions can support and contribute to workers’ rights.

I will serve as a Trustee until my term ends in 2022 and continue to be involved with CUPE 4207. I believe we are most effective when we work collectively and collaboratively for social progress and I appreciate our local’s commitment not only to workers’ rights, but justice and equity. I look forward to my future involvement with the union and working with my fellow members!

In Solidarity,


Member of the Month – November

The Member of the Month for November is Dylan Michels!

Hello! I’m Dylan Michels. I have been a part of Brock since 2015. Having completed my undergraduate studies in Sociology and Philosophy, with a concentration in Criminology, I enrolled in the Masters of Philosophy program in 2019. During that time, I had the benefit of being represented by CUPE 4207 in my various roles as a Teaching Assistant, a Research Assistant, and a Marker Grader. I have also worked as a Senior Information Technology Associate for the Goodman School of Business. I also volunteered to represent Humanities graduate students on the Graduate Student Association as a board member in 2019. I am currently on the Advisory Committee for the selection of the Dean of Humanities, and I volunteer as a Member Mobilizer for CUPE 4207. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brock; I am always excited to reciprocate the help, care, and support afforded to me. I believe engagement, action, critical thought, and social justice are integral venues to achieve a more welcoming and inclusive community at Brock. … Read more…

Member of the Month – October

We are pleased to introduce the Member of the Month for October 2020 –

Nadine Brundrett!

Nadine Brundrett has been a member of CUPE 4207 Unit 1 since she began teaching at Brock in September 2000 as an Instructor and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Classics.

Recently, Nadine has become more active in the Union taking on a number of responsibilities. Over the years she came to realize the importance of the Union to represent and support the many Contractual Academic workers at Brock University and she is an example of the ideal that it is never too late to become actively involved in your local and to learn about all the many ways the union is essential to all our working lives at Brock! … Read more…

Member of the Month

Our September Member of the Month is Fatemeh Salahi. Congratulations Fatemeh, and good luck on your future pursuits!

Fatemeh joined the union on September 2017 and since then she has participated in a range of Union events and activities such as health and safety training, local executive school, introduction to stewarding, etc. She also served as Math and Science steward in our local. Throughout the series of events, she has remained an active union member and contributed to them by speaking out for the members and representing their interest.

The experience with the Union, according to Fatemeh, has been a meaningful one. She is feeling both pleased and honored to be a part of the Union that, through speaking out and taking actions, truly pursues justice and equity. Fatemeh has demonstrated her teamwork and leadership in her involvement with the Union by exercising every opportunity to help others in time of need. The very fact that the Union takes care of the needs of diverse groups fits with her caring nature. Fatemeh explained that the Union has become like family to her, especially when she reflected on the warmth she received when she first joined the team and afterward. “Being involved with the Union is an enriching experience for me. It helped me to promote my personal and professional development and it gave me a great opportunity to grow my network with such knowledgeable and caring people.”

Fatemeh, as an experienced and devoted team member, encourages all members to continue contributing to the Union, because she witnessed how friendly, supportive, warm and passionate all the executive members and stewards are. She sincerely appreciates all the support that local 4207 offers to its members and hopes the Union can bring more positive changes to people.

Member of the Month

In August, we have the pleasure to introduce Sabrina Hill. She offered her skills for the creation of our new logo, and is the photographer in chief of our Who is Who project.

Hello, my name is Sabrina Hill. I was born in Toronto, but moved to St. Catharines whilst in middle school. Being that I grew up in the area during my more formative years, Brock was always a top contender for my undergraduate studies. Though initially accepted into Brock’s Economics program, in my second year, I shifted gears to pursue the study of Politics and Law, two lifelong passions of mine. Read more…