Member of the Month

The Member of the Month for November is ALISON ROTHWELL. She is also a member and President of OSSTF district 35, the labour union that represents Support Staff at Brock. When Alison  became a member of our Unit 1, she did not shy away from sharing experience and extending her support to CUPE 4207. Solidarity!

Alison’s election buddy Quee-Queg. She takes her out canvassing. Both of them were busy in the recent federal elections campaign.

I joined CUPE 4207 in 2017 as I returned to school to pursue my graduate work here at Brock and am a proud Union member of both CUPE and OSSTF. I’ve been so impressed by how active and passionate our executive members are and the many opportunities they continue to offer members to become engaged, educated, and involved – locally and nationally.

Most recently I’ve really enjoyed being part of the bargaining process as an observer during negotiations.

It’s a terrific opportunity to learn more about the functioning of our Union and to see, first hand, how hard our bargaining team is working to better our working conditions. I strongly encourage members to get more involved in their Union and to make sure to take advantage of all CUPE has to offer! I am thrilled to be member of the month!

Member of the Month

Our September Member of the Month is Fatemeh Salahi. Congratulations Fatemeh, and good luck on your future pursuits!

Fatemeh joined the union on September 2017 and since then she has participated in a range of Union events and activities such as health and safety training, local executive school, introduction to stewarding, etc. She also served as Math and Science steward in our local. Throughout the series of events, she has remained an active union member and contributed to them by speaking out for the members and representing their interest.

The experience with the Union, according to Fatemeh, has been a meaningful one. She is feeling both pleased and honored to be a part of the Union that, through speaking out and taking actions, truly pursues justice and equity. Fatemeh has demonstrated her teamwork and leadership in her involvement with the Union by exercising every opportunity to help others in time of need. The very fact that the Union takes care of the needs of diverse groups fits with her caring nature. Fatemeh explained that the Union has become like family to her, especially when she reflected on the warmth she received when she first joined the team and afterward. “Being involved with the Union is an enriching experience for me. It helped me to promote my personal and professional development and it gave me a great opportunity to grow my network with such knowledgeable and caring people.”

Fatemeh, as an experienced and devoted team member, encourages all members to continue contributing to the Union, because she witnessed how friendly, supportive, warm and passionate all the executive members and stewards are. She sincerely appreciates all the support that local 4207 offers to its members and hopes the Union can bring more positive changes to people.

Member of the Month

In August, we have the pleasure to introduce Sabrina Hill. She offered her skills for the creation of our new logo, and is the photographer in chief of our Who is Who project.

Hello, my name is Sabrina Hill. I was born in Toronto, but moved to St. Catharines whilst in middle school. Being that I grew up in the area during my more formative years, Brock was always a top contender for my undergraduate studies. Though initially accepted into Brock’s Economics program, in my second year, I shifted gears to pursue the study of Politics and Law, two lifelong passions of mine. Read more…