We hold our OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday September 16th.

Zoom in to meet your union reps and your colleagues! You can learn about the union, your rights as a worker at Brock, ask questions, and comment on the way we represent you 😉

It is also an opportunity to inquire about the union local’s committees and all the socially active engagements a labour union offers, far and wide. … Read more…



9 am to 9 pm in Pond Inlet

Pond Inlet is reserved the two days for us to do our super busy and stressful end of the term work in peace and tranquility, and in a collective of other workers who suffer the same pressures (maybe a bit hyperbolic, but maybe not as much).

There will be food, coffee, soft drinks and healthy snacks.

Drop in any time between 9am and 9pm with the pile of your work! Set up your workspace, grab a drink and go at it!

Some of our members have no access to an office at Brock. If you are one of them, please let the union know!

*’Anti’ because this marking/grading social requires we abstain from the usual ‘marks’ of socialization such as loud talking…

Micro Social # 6 CURLING

We are going curling on Saturday, March 30.

Email the union to reserve a spot.

Wear comfortanble clothing, running shoes and remember that the activity happens on ice! The temperature is much lower than in the gym ;-). Wear a comfortable warm jacket.

Here is a brief intro video (the slider for your shoe will be provided.) Come at 5:30 pm sharp as the instructions and training on ice take time before a game is played.