Letter of support for Unit 3

Unit 3 ESL Instructors are struggling to reach a *fair* collective agreement. Brock University Faculty Association wrote a supporting letter in solidarity with the instructors’ struggle to reach a fair collective agreement.

Members of CUPE 4207, Unit 3

The BUFA Executive supports the members of CUPE 4207, Unit 3, in their contract negotiations for a strong and favourable new contract with the Brock University Administration. We call on the Administration to recognize the importance of the work done by the members of this CUPE unit to the mission of Brock and accord them the respect and dignity that they deserve. We also expect the Administration to make decisions that are pedagogically sound in practice.Read more…


The Canadian Federation of Students, through its affiliated student unions and associations, called a walk out day Wednesday, March 20.

Here is the list of campus actions across Ontario.

This protest communicates a clear message to the provincial government that students oppose Ford’s changes to OSAP and student associations that were recently imposed upon them.

Brock Graduate Student Association organized an event between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm on MARCH 20th for all students who wish to walk out in protest. Gather at noon in front of GSA office MC C 302.

Members of our union who hold classes at the time are free to join the protest. The local is unconditionally backing up every member and student who decide to join the walkout. We urge our members whose students join the walk out not to penalize students for missing a class because they engage in the protest.

Strike deadline for food workers at Brock and a petition

Our fellow CUPE 1295 members need your help! Near 150 food service workers of CUPE 1295 have been negotiating a new contract for many months. Their employer, Sodexo, a multinational corporation that Brock contracts out to provide food services on campus. (The food service workers will be in legal strike position on MARCH 25, at 12:01 am.) THE WORKERS HAVE SINCE REACHED A TENTATIVE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. However, learning about the Dine-In Campaign is still actual and signing the online petition  is still necessary to move ahead in the better food at Brock movement.
CUPE 4207 stands with the food workers of CUPE 1295!

Read more…

Results of Nov.5 All Union Town Hall on Workday

On November 5, All Unions Luncheon was held in the Pond Inlet to discuss the impact of Workday. We have transcribed the plentiful compilation of problems and solutions that were jotted down on sheets of flip chart paper at every table. For the document click here.

On Monday and Tuesday, November 26 and 27, the flip chart sheets will be displayed at a table in MC A hallway. We welcome passerby to share their Workday experience.



October 18, 2017

CUPE 4207, representing 1000 academic teaching staff at Brock University, sends its full and unwavering support for your job action to fight against precarious working conditions and the growth of part-time work and for increased academic freedom, job security, and equal work for equal pay.

We are motivated and inspired by your job action against one of the largest scourges of our times – precarious work. Often in the form of part-time and/or contract work, it has devastating effects on workers’ emotional and physical well-being through economic insecurity, additional stress, work-life imbalances, and the inability to plan one’s life. The dependency on part-time and contract work in post-secondary institutions is an attack on the very communities that keep these institutions running. Colleges and universities alike must learn that workers will not stand for this unsustainable model. OPSEU College Faculty are now at the forefront of a movement to create the kinds of conditions so many academic workers across Ontario have been discussing for years. We offer our support in whatever form we can for as long as it takes.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 4207 Executive Committee
Brock University, St. Catharines

OCTOBER 1 Rally for Decent Jobs

Be part of a growing movement for decent work for all! Come out to the October 1st rally for Decent Work (1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at Queen’s Park) to call for safe working conditions, decent hours, paid sick days & vacation, access to a union, $15 minimum wage, an end to the gender/racialized wage gap and much more!

FaceBook: Transportation from Niagara to the Rally for Decent Work

We want the Ontario government to implement strong labour laws for more than seven million working Ontarians across our province. There will be music, activities, and special guests at this family-friendly rally. The rally is being organized by the OFL’s Make It Fair Campaign and the $15 and Fairness Campaign – organizers are expecting 10,000 people!

The Niagara Regional Labour Council and Unions across Niagara are organizing buses to the rally. There is no cost to attend and light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome!
Please reserve a seat by contacting NRLC V.P. Chris Grawey (cgrawey89@gmail.com or 905-246-4273)

Kindling Solidarity: welcoming bonfire and games night!

Party and fireWe are excited to be hosting a welcoming event for our members! Kindling Solidarity: welcoming bonfire and games night is a chance for our members to meet each other, enjoy some fun games and the beautiful scenery at Brock! The event takes place on Thursday, August 27th from 5-8pm at the Fire Pit by Alphie’s Trough. There will be food and beverages provided. So get ready to bring out your fun side and to get the chance to meet fellow members! We hope you can come out!

CUPE 4207 Kindling Event Fyler