Niagara District CUPE Council Strategic Planning

September 21, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
110 Hannover Drive, St. Catharines

CUPE locals in the Niagara Region are affiliated to their regional central body – Niagara District CUPE Council. It is run by elected delegates from the locals, including ours.

On September 21 the NDCC is having a strategic planning session to set priorities and goals for CUPE in the region for the year to come. CUPE represents workers in the public sectors — health care, education, municipal, social services, and post-secondary.

Planning and preparedness for things to come is extraordinarily important since the Ford government in Ontario is dead set to wage a vicious offensive on the working class by weakening or altogether destroying delivery of public programs and thus jeopardize existence of vital social services.

Labour unions, especially in the public sector, are of course also in the cross hairs of the government that seeks to make it easier for the super rich to become even richer. Public sector workers deliver crucial services to the public. The public are workers as well and what kind of necessary social services they receive depends on number and variety of programs and their adequate and quality staffing. The attack on social services is exactly one that hits funding and staffing levels the most. Under such conditions it is not only the workers who are losing but also those who need and use the services and programs!