Strategic Planning meeting

May 24, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Downtown campus MWS 156

Every year, our local holds strategic planning session, usually in June, where we seek to plot out direction and most important and desired milestones that our local then seeks to execute (not to kill but to materialize) in the summer and the Fall and Winter terms.

This year is heavily underpinned by Unit 1collective bargaining and our goals and direction must reflect that. We live in an environment of political and economic attacks on public sector unions, and on vital and necessary social programs and services. From cuts to education to privatization of health care, CUPE, and our local, are not going to passively accept these devastating changes with socially nefarious outcomes.

The strategic planning session is open to any member in good standing. It is expected that elected officers and especially the Executive Committee members will attend.

Creative minds will be given free range of expression before we carve out specific guiding directions for the year, for us, ending April 30, 2020. The session will likely end up before 3 pm and if this is the case, the Executive Committee will hold a meeting at 3 pm, where these directions would be officially endorsed.

Food and refreshments are provided the whole day.