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Joint statement of solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

Supporters of Haudenosaunee Right to Hunt

November 11, 2019

In light of recent events that have occurred regarding racist, derogatory statements that have gone as far as call for violence against Indigenous Peoples on behalf of NAFA’s Facebook page, we, CUPE Local 4207, express our support of the traditional deer harvest that is part of inherent and treaty rights of Indigenous Peoples at Short Hills Provincial Park.  Though NAFA has issued what they refer to as an ‘apology’, this once again reverses the onus in saying that it is one’s own fault for being offended. The general tenor of the posts to their Facebook page as well as the administrators’ response is not acceptable.  Acts of colonial violence, racism and intolerance must not be ignored and treated with the utmost seriousness.  Everyone has the right to protest and express an opinion.  Protesting only in an area where Indigenous Peoples conduct a traditional harvest, calling on members of NAFA to commit acts of violence, is perpetuating colonial racism and violence against Indigenous Peoples. We support inherent and treaty rights, and denounce any and all acts of violence.

Indigenous Rights Conference

November 3, 4, 17, 18, 29 and 30, 2018

For schedule of educational workshops on Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Treaty and Land Rights and Cultural Competency click on the link below:

2018 Schedule of Reconciliation Events and Activities

Location: Short Hills Provincial Park, Pelham Road park entrance (except where noted)


2017 Events

  • aboriginal-waterReconciliation takes an action not just words 

    This coalition is open to everyone. You do not need to be a CUPE 4207 member to join. In the spirit of the diverse perspectives of collaborative organizing, we come together each with an equal voice to work toward decolonization and social justice for Indigenous Peoples. In keeping with the policies and practices established by CUPE National Aboriginal Council, we work on a consensus building model, a culturally appropriate approach to decision making and governance.

2016 events included:

Racism in Mainstream Media workshop
Indigenous Self-Determination and Animal Liberation -Working Together!
Sixties Scoop Panel Event – Learning from Indigenous Children Adoptees

Media reports

Fall 2015 events for raising awareness and building community included:
Faceless Dolls Project: Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women and girls
Sisters in Spirit Vigil
Art of Resistance Tour and the Beehive Collective
The Blanket Exercise: Indigenous Rights History we’ve never been taught!
Non-violent direct action training
Film Screening: Residential School System

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