CUPE 1287 LCHS Workers Strike

Injury to one is injury to all! SUPPORT CUPE 1287 Humane Society WORKERS !

Lincoln County Humane Society workers, members of CUPE 1287, have been on strike since February 24. On May 16 their bargainig team reached a tentative collective agreement, which was ratified Thursday, May 17.

After 84 days,  3 barbecues and rallies, 4 Strooband Resign! rallies, the the manager director Kevin Strooband has yet to resign!

Thursday nights are Strooband Resign! rally nights. Today, May 31 at 7 pm.

May 17: Day 84 and a day of ratification of the tentative contract signed by CUPE 1287 and the LCHS May 16. The workers have ratified the collective agreement. Strike is over, 84 days, 3 barbecues and rallies, and 4 Strooband resign! rallies.

The fundraiser is still on! Fundraiser for 1287 June 8, speakers, drinks, music& dance.

Breaking News: First management resignation at the LCHS!

And more: May 16 – another resignation of a scabbing worker!

Join the CUPE1287 picket line anytime between 8 am and 4 pm. 160 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines. From Saturday’s  Solidarity Barbecue:

LCHS Solidarity BBQ for CUPE 1287

May 3, 2012: CUPE filed a bad faith bargaining complaint against Lincoln County Humane Society with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Read the Solidarity and Support appeal –   URGENT

Still on the picket line battling intransigent and spiteful employer! Say no to concessions and fragmentation of workers into two tiers!

  • Contact the LCHS executive director to express your support for the workers who fight against concessions and two-tier system.
  • Engage in e-action. Send a template letter or write your own.
  • Show up at the Lincoln County Humane Society, 160 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines, and walk the line with the workers in solidarity. Help prevent scabs and strike breaking “volunteers” crossing their picket line. There are valuable lessons to learn on the picket line.
  • Write to the board of directors:

Ann Davidson                   President
Thomas Manney                VP          
Nadia Kobylka                  Treasurer         nkobylka@macgillivray  3 Heather Lane,
Grace Pang                       Secretary
Mary-Lou Davidson           Director  
Dr. Rita Ghosal                  Director 
Michael Howe                    Director  
Ed Klassen                        Director   
Christine Probst                Director  
Maria Sgambati                 Director  
Joe Kushner                      Director  

Note, Kushner teaches economics at Brock and is a member of BUFA! A member of a union is busting  workers! He also co-owns Cat’s Caboose, the pub on Glenridge Ave. We can’t possibly have a pint of Guinness there anymore (or anything else for that matter), can we?

Municipal Representatives

Joe Kushner                St.Catharines
Geoff Barlow                Lincoln         
Steve Berry                   Grimsby      
Dawn Lawson-Gula    NOTL           

Read the latest Standard’s article about it herecum grano salis, that is. The number of supporters attending the rally was greater than the reporter’s estimates, and the LCHS’s director’s statements are the greatest grain of salt of all….This action is to be repeated next Wedensday from 7pm  to 9pm again.

The LCHS management demands greater amount of insecure work for less money and even fewer benefits. In fact the LCHS management wants to split the workers into two tiers where one is to take 15% cut in wages and be left without benefits. The workers demand equal treatment and decent working conditions so they can take the best care of animals in the community. While the workers have conscience, dignity and courage to stand up for what is right and what benefits the public, the LCHS management acts in a truly incredibly irresponsible and unaccountable way. The Board of Directors made unsound decisions in the past and now they  want the workers to pay for it!  We have to put stop to this nonsense now! The humane society is a vital service to the public and is publicaly funded. We cannot allow a powertripping manager, pliable board of directors, and the apathy of city councilors to ruin the workers’ livelihoods and the wellbeing of animals these professionals care for. An injury to one is an injury to all!

The latest gruesome and glaringly disregarding actions of the LCHS management while the workers were pushed on the picket line can be seen here.

FIGHT WITH CUPE 1287 LCHS WORKERS against intransigent, spiteful and cruel (mis)management!